As of midnight tonight, we will officially stop selling preregistration tickets for attending the entire #AfterMarriage conference. We are at maximum capacity for the reception, and over capacity for the opening plenary. (Relatedly: we are currently organizing an overflow room where attendees can watch the livestream of the opening plenary. If you want to be in the opening plenary room in person, try to arrive early on Saturday–doors open at 8 am!)

For those who have not registered by midnight tonight but would still like to attend some of the conference, starting tomorrow we will sell tickets that guarantee admission to the entire conference EXCEPT for the reception. These will be discounted by $20 from current prices. Attendees holding these tickets will only be admitted to the reception on a space-available basis. If you want to guarantee your spot in the reception, please register today!

Thank you all for your enthusiasm and your patience. The entire CLAGS/After Marriage team is blown away by your support, and we’re doing the best we can within our organizational and spatial capacities to make as much room for as many attendees as possible.


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