In addition to the panels focused on LGBTQ families outside the U.S., we have a panel planned focusing on the complexities of transnational LGBTQ politics #AfterMarriage. (Relatedly, there are also several sessions focused specifically on immigration and deportation, which we’ll highlight later this week.)

The panel on Transnational Issues in LGBTQ Politics is scheduled for Sunday 10/2 at 9:00 am and includes:

John Hawley: “Beyond the Pink Picket Fence: Are Gays and Lesbians Still Queer, and What are the Ethical Demands of their (Inter)National Politics Now?”

Kay Lalor: “Lasting Partnerships or Fragile Connections? LGBTQ Politics, Diplomacy, and International Law”

Matthew Waites: “Genocide in Global Queer Politics and Scholarship”
Jamie J. Hagen: “Securing the Queer Refugee: Comparing Asylum Policies in the United States and United Kingdom”

Raha Iranian Feminist Collective: “After Marriage, Redefining Freedom in the Crosshairs of Empire and Dictatorship”


Another panel focuses specifically on LGBTQ politics in various non-US settings. This panel of University of Connecticut sociology PhD students is titled Confronting the State: Power, Activism, and the Self and is scheduled for Saturday 10/1 at 11:15 am.

Presentations include:

Caner Hazar: “LGBT Activism in the Context of Political Islam: Sociopolitical Opportunities and Constraints Facing the LGBT Activism in Turkey” (full abstract)

Chriss Sneed: “GA(y)TEKEEPING IDENTITY & CLAIMS TO JUSTICE: Mainstream Discourse on ‘Gay’ Marriage and “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (2003-2015) & The Boundaries of Community within LGBTQ Political Organizing” (full abstract)

Cristina Khan: “Negotiations of Identity and Embodiment through Language” (full abstract)


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