Understanding Sexual Health Awareness Among African American Older Adults

This presentation will focus on the methods and findings from a survey of African American older adults on sexual health awareness and education. As a participant of the National Council for Behavioral Health’s 2016 Addressing Health Disparities and Leadership program (AHDLP), I have designed a project focusing on the older adult population. Through three stages, I intend to raise awareness of sexual health resources for African-American adults aged 60 years of age and older in Philadelphia in an effort to lower the rates of STD/STI diagnoses of the older adult population. The first stage involves creating and disseminating a pre-survey that identifies where African-American adults aged 60 years and older in Philadelphia obtain sexual health resources and where they would prefer to obtain sexual health resources. During this stage, older adult providers are also surveyed to identify any real or perceived barriers in providing sexual health resources that are specific to their older adult population. During the second stage, older adults resource guides are distributed in the preferred locations that were identified by older adults in the pre-survey. These resource guides include sexually transmitted infections testing locations and information that is specific to the physical, mental and financial changes experienced by the aging population. The last stage of the project focuses on performing a post-survey of older adults aged 60 years and older in Philadelphia to measure the level of awareness of sexual health resources in the preferred locations.