Religion, Conflict, and Same-Sex Marriage

1.75 October 1, 2016 2:30 pm - 4:15 pm

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Presenter biographies will be linked below as they become available. Final program subject to change.

Kate Henley Averett
Michael Boucai
Susan Gluck Mezey
Michelle Wolff

Religion is a common theme in conflicts over same-sex marriage. When the state extends its marriage law to same-sex couples, that conflict does not end but instead continues on changed terrain. These four papers consider this dynamic in the United States and South Africa using diverse disciplinary approaches.

Susan Gluck Mezey: “After Obergefell: The Conflict Between Religious Freedom and LGBTQ Rights in the United States” (full abstract)

Kate Henley Averett: “Religious Freedom, Parents’ Rights, and Counter-Mobilization ‘After Marriage'” (full abstract)

Michelle Wolff: “Won and Done?: Black Lesbians & Trans Men Decolonizing the Future of Same-Sex Marriage & Public Religion in South Africa” (full abstract)

Michael Boucai: “Disestablishing Marriage” (full abstract)