Scholarship After Marriage: New Methods and Invisible Populations in Sexuality and Gender Research

1.71 October 1, 2016 4:45 pm - 6:30 pm

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Presenter biographies will be linked below as they become available. Final program subject to change.

Regina Ford
Colin Hammar
Andrew J. Young

Now that marriage equality has moved over to allow other LGBTQ issues back into the cultural conversation, we can refocus our energies on researching and understanding issues such as the effectiveness of employment non-discrimination policies, how cultural organizations influence which narratives about transgender identities are culturally available, and sexual health awareness and education for older adults. This session brings together scholars, public service providers, and activists presenting three research projects using underutilized and innovative methods to explore various issues in gender and sexuality with invisible and/or underserved populations. These projects bridge disciplinary boundaries, work across identities, and move beyond the academy to engage with community centers, policy makers, and cultural institutions to create change in employment discrimination, sexual health education, older adult care, and popular culture and the arts.

Andrew J. Young: “Who Can Tell Our Story? The Lambda Literary Awards and the Development of a Transgender Literature” (full abstract)

Colin Hammar: “Effects of Workplace Discrimination and Nondiscrimination Policies” (full abstract)

Regina Ford: “Understanding Sexual Health Awareness among African American Older Adults” (full abstract)