The Limits of “Sexual Orientation”

1.73 October 2, 2016 11:00 am - 12:45 pm

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Presenter biographies will be linked below as they become available. Final program subject to change.

Jody Ahlm
Luke A. Boso
Brittany Dernberger

In different ways, each of these presentations examines the limits of “sexual orientation” as a concept for understanding queer lives and achieving justice for them.

Brittany Dernberger: “#lovewins, but Many Lose: Increased Exclusion and Discrimination in the Wake of Marriage Equality” (full abstract)

Luke A. Boso: “Beyond Group-Based Animus: Individualized Antigay Discrimination” (full abstract)

Jody Ahlm: “Born-This-Way Gays and Neoliberal Logics of Race” (full abstract)